Damon and elena season 5 moments

Tvd 3x14 rebekah attacks elena damon elena stefan talk about the originals. The final moments of the season 5 finale come down to who makes it out alive from the collapsing other side. Seasons of delena 18 damon salvatore and elena gilbert. They start dating at the end of season 4, after a long season of debating whether her feelings for him are real because she was sired to him. The vampire diaries season 5 damon and elena wont last. The vampire diaries, a onehour american supernatural drama, was renewed for a fifth season by the cw on february 11, 20. In season 5, the vampire lovers get a thelma and louiselike moment during. Read damons death scene tvd season 5 episode 22 home from the story the vampire diaries delena moments most ironic line by kathrinawp katrina espiritu w. Elena eventually chooses damon, however, and the two reunite in the series finale for their happily ever after. Fanmade of the delena moments of season5 till their break up by damon my fanmade video has a whole different ending. Top 5 hottest delena moments ever january 10, 2014 by kayti burt 0 shares advertisement damon.

Damon is the trigger for project kaboom damon has to break the news to elena in the town cemetery that hes the one who. Delena dancing at the miss mystic falls pageant in season one could be the most iconic the vampire diaries moment ever. Damon and elena acted on their feelings in the seventh episode of the fourth season, giving delena shippers. The most heartbreaking scene of damon and elena is the very end of season 5. The vampire diaries delena moments season 3 part 55. If you have yet to watch thursdays episode of the vampire diaries, avert your eyes now. Julie says were going to be able to enjoy the couple for a while.

Top 5 moments from season 4 the vampire diaries cw44. Damon and elena love and kissing scene 2x22 duration. So, whats ahead for these two besides all that hot lovin. It sounds like we can expect more hot damonelena scenes in season five. In season 3, fans discover that elena met damon first instead. Heres a list of 5 damon and elena moments from the vampire. Damon and elenas romance was an epic tryst that captured the hearts of countless fans of the vampire diaries. Top 15 omg moments from the vampire diaries season 3. The episodes final moments found elena being swarmed, and kidnapped, by markos and his nasty band of. Elena finally remembered damons declaration of love and it was a full circle moment. That time damon and elena were forced to protect katherine season 5, episode 3 elena, damon and katherine awkward. If the closing moments from the vampire diaries season 6 episode 21 are any indication, elena gilbert might be saying a permanent goodbye to mystic falls and those she loves, including damon.

They also somewhat resemble the couples scarlettrhett and paceyjoey. She is destroyed at the fact that the love of her life just died. The vampire diaries season 3 delena moments part15. This episode is actionpacked as various storylines come to a point. Also featuring flashbacks to just before her parents died, elena realizes she is once again in a similar. Damon steps in as elenas escort in miss mystic falls season 1, episode 19.

All the best moments of delena presented in this video. I know this scene ends really annoyingly because of. Delena moment in season 5, episode 20 photo march 26, 2014 by kayti burt 0. But the gangs not out of the woods literally, metaphorically, etc. They take a break in midseason 5, i think because damon feels like their relationship was fated to doom. Alaric, damon, elena, favorite moments, jeremy, katherine, lexi, stefan, the vampire diaries, the vampire diaries season 4, top 5 season 4 of the vampire diaries was filled with lots of twists, turns and incredible moments. The time damon fed elena his blood season 2, episode 20. Elena is damons humanity and makes him a better person.

Keep reading for a breakdown of whats coming up in season 5 damon and elena. Elenas transition into a vampire ultimately drives the doppelganger away from stefan and into the arms of damon. Damon risks his life, and he was supposed to come back to life through bonnie. Season 5, episode 22 the final moments of the season 5 finale come down to who makes it out alive from the collapsing other side.

Top 10 damon and elena moments the vampire diaries. Damon and elena meet in season 1 and are initially involved in a love triangle including damon s brother, stefan. Before this, however, stefan attempts to help her embrace her new undead status. Watch the 9 hottest delena scenes from the past 5 seasons videos. My top 10 damonelena moments of season 3 so far 3x01. In the finale of season five, in order to bring stefan back from the other side, damon and elena go on a suicide mission. The vampire diaries, a onehour american supernatural drama, was renewed for a fourth season by the u. The staircase scene in miss mystic falls reminds me of rose and jack from titanic. Damon shows little regard for stefan and elenas relationship and pursues a romantic relationship with his brothers girlfriend without remorse.

However, when the resurrection spell starts, damon is unable to come back from the other side. Damon salvatore and elena gilbert have one of those epic love stories that will go down in history as one of the greatest tv romances. Season 4 of the show concludes with damon and elena defeating silas and in season 5s first episode, the two can be seen enjoying some quality time together. Thats one of those canon moments where the people who started really. In honor of the return of tvd, weve made a list of the 10 hottest scenes of all time. However, season 5 saw a new spanner thrown into the works when qetsiyah stated that stefan and elena were destined to fall in love. Top 10 damon and elena moments the vampire diaries report. Delena my girl scene 5x06 damon and elena the vampire. Vampire diaries season 5 spoilers elenadamonstefan. However, as the season progresses, damon falls in love with elena and attempts to kiss her in the final episode, unaware that he has kissed his sire and elenas doppelganger. The vampire diaries damon season 2 fights and abilities by hope. The 10 best damon and elena moments from the vampire diaries. Damon and elena motel scene from the vampire diaries. Because elena could probably use the cheering up as we enter season six, heres a sampling of some of the top moments in delena shipper history.

Damon and elenas romance is a central plot point in the vampire diaries. In season 5s i know what you did last summer, the vampires are happily in love and preparing for their lives together as elena departs mystic. Damon and elenas season 6 rain kiss explained by executive producer julie plec. Elena seeing damon naked with bath suds on him the birthday 3. Twitter the vampire diaries the vampire diaries spoilers. Damon and elena season 5 episode 22 damon says goodbye to. This is the kissingmake out scene between damon and elena when they are staying at a motel in season 3. The vampire diaries delena moments most ironic line. Damon and elena meet in season 1 and are initially involved in a love triangle including damons brother, stefan. In season 4s growing pains, stefan helps elena complete her transition before sharing a heartfelt conversation on a. With the vampire diaries kicking off its sixth season on thursday night, were looking back at damon and elenas most memorable moments from the series. Knowing that the other side is disintegrating and there is no other way for damon to return, elena breaks down completely.

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